Water Bottles Market Your Company To The Masses

When you buy a newspaper ad, you pay several hundreds of dollars and you are able to market yourself to a few hundred people. Essentially, you are paying one dollar for each customer. When you advertise on television, you pay thousands and reach a few thousand. In this regard, you are paying about two dollars for each customer that comes in your store. This means if you pay $4,000, you should get about 2,000 customers after the television ad. However, why spend much more and get only a few results when you have something like promotional gift marketing.

When you use promotional gift marketing with something like water bottles, you are marketing your company to a lot of people for a very small amount of money. For example, if you spend two dollars on every bottle, and each bottle brings in four customers, you are paying $.50 per customer, and that is much better return on investment than through television and newspaper advertising. How can something like water bottles do this? Here is how.

1. Your customer gets a promotional product from you that have your company name and logo on it.

2. The customer appreciates the promotional gift because it shows that they are appreciated. This in turn gets the customer shopping more and more with your company because of these promotional gifts. That in it will help your company make more money but that is not where water bottle promotional gift stop.

3. When your customer is out and about with their water bottle, other people will see your company name and logo on the bottles. These people may see your company name and logo over and over, especially if your customer takes the water bottle to work with them.

Through one bottle, you can reach as many as 100 people over the course of the life of that bottle. You may even reach more depending on how often it is used by the customer. If only 10 percent of those people actually come to your company for something, you are still getting a big return on investment. For example, 10 percent of 100 people are 10 people. If 10 people shop from you and each buy $50 worth of gifts, which means you just made $500. That also means that the two dollar you spent on water bottles brought you $500. That is $250 for every dollar you spent on the water bottles.