The Accent Wall

I was raised having a mom which loved accent walls. When I mention “Accent Wall“, I’m talking about an area where just one wall is painted a color as well as the various other walls are left gray. I am not certain in case it had been the fashionable thing to do back then, (in the defense of mine, it was not all that long ago!), or even in case she was simply fearful of using color in a far more liberal fashion. She was constantly interested in producing our house beautiful, that I allow the credit of her for, though I grew to detest Accent Walls.

Today I’m an interior designer, I find that individuals still need (and like!) accent walls. When I reach the root of the inclination, I see it is typically because of fear of color as well as what color could do to a place. The largest fears are that color can make the kitchen “dark” or “make the kitchen look smaller”. While I definitely do not go along with the dreaded results of painting a whole space only one color, I do agree that accent walls have a good location and also can easily be done properly. Contemporary, eclectic and modern interiors lend themselves really effectively on the idea of accent wall color. Almost any other design style needs just a little navigation to pick up an accent wall right.

Allow me to share some suggestions for performing an area with an accent wall, should you decide to do one yourself: How you can choose the accent wall: Look for a structure with a focal point: the fireplace wall surface, the structure in which the bed will go, the structure at the conclusion of a wall or a hallway in the proper entry with a furniture arrangement like a table or perhaps bench.

Finally, look for a structure within eyesight when you’re in an adjacent space. The color is going to perform double duty in case you are able to also see it from some other rooms.