Media Liability Insurance – Concerns For Writers, , Producers Bloggers

As an insurance agent, I usually receive phone calls from people and businesses searching for common commercial general liability coverage. The number of these businesses runs the gamut, from your fundamental contractor on the person version daycare. Though it’s not this particular gamut I’m worried about, at least not for this post, it’s the single and/or organizations that calls looking for general liability insurance for a press connected business and don’t know that they require an obscure and specific very coverage known as media liability insurance or maybe communication liability insurance.

Several of these businesses and people include bloggers, web designers, radio show personalities, authors, production companies, broadcasters and publishers of educational information, radio and tv stations, motion picture makers, cable as well as the advertising and satellite broadcasters industries electronic publishing expertise and other entities interested in making materials for publication, republication, along with electronic publishing services just to name just a few.

A number of these people and or maybe businesses don’t recognize they require media liability coverage and even worse off lots of insurance professionals do not actually realize that media liability coverage is present and that the coverage might be particularly excluded from their normal liability. This coverage is generally with the common liability present in Coverage B, Personal and Advertising Injury Liability, in a regular CGL (Commercial General Liability) policy. Personal and advertising injury pertains to likely, slander, defamation of character, and copyright, trademark and patent infringement. In many cases, it’s just when there’s a claim, and way too late that the individual/organizations find out that the most crucial coverage for the operation of theirs, is excluded from the policy of theirs, Media Liability. In many cases, their search starts after being told by a vendor or maybe a contractor to get liability insurance. Nevertheless, you will find several business personnel that understands they require the coverage but have a tough time finding an expert that knows anything about the coverage or even where you can secure it.