Hawaii Beach In Winter

When the very long winter season nights are getting you down and also the cool appears to creep into the bones of yours, do not you just wish to get out? Maybe to someplace warm that’s got beaches that are beautiful and also bathtub warm ocean water? Hawaii is simply the area! While Hawaii is an excellent place to go to any kind of time of year, the cold months are spectacular.

So what makes Hawaii in winter so great? Just a little something called the North Shore. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? In the winter months the waves on the North Shore are just phenomenal! Surfers come from all over the world to experience the famous Bonzai Pipeline and other great surfing spots on the North Shore. It’s fascinating to watch the top dogs work the waves and surf the pipeline. On any day you are able to watch dozens and sometimes many hundreds of surfers punching in the waves.

But keep in mind, the surfing on the North Shore isn’t for novices! The waves are very dangerous and there is a coral reef lying just beneath the water. It would be very unpleasant, if not catastrophic to use a wave pound you to the coral.

Nonetheless, there are certainly places in which you are able to venture into protected waters and also snorkel or play. The water in Hawaii is bathtub warm and a lovely blue. It’s very clear you are able to visualize the bottom this makes for an ideal water playground! On the North Shore there are still small bays that are perfect for these activities. Adjacent to the Turtle Bay Resort there is a public beach and a best snorkeling destination in Oahu. The water is fairly short and it’s protected from the massive waves. It’s a good size bay with space for lots of visitors. You should bring reef shoes; the coral is pretty sharp on feet that are bare!